PSVR: In House Flipper VR players renovate or deface entire houses

PSVR: In House Flipper VR players renovate or deface entire houses

PSVR users will soon become home improvement kings. With the viral VR sim House Flipper, buildings can be renovated - or trashed.

The viral renovation sim House Flipper is coming to Playstation VR on August 1. Following ports for Quest 2 and SteamVR, Playstation users will be able to use their VR headsets to rampage through apartments and design their own dream home.

The Frozen District VR simulation puts you in charge of a home renovation service. You'll have to take care of run-down properties on your own to sell the results for a profit and build a reputation with various clients. Your tasks will include cleaning, plastering, painting, and assembling appliances.

DIY on Playstation VR

If you've never had your dream job as an interior designer, you'll probably be happy to choose from different categories of furniture and furnishings. Mini-games such as basketball, darts, and remote-controlled car racing are also available.

On Steam, the game already became a viral phenomenon in 2018 and was picked up by numerous streamers.


Some users may even need to get busy in their own living room, setting up the old PSVR and its tracking camera before they can play. At least for now, no implementation for the Playstation VR 2 has been announced. Instead, House Flipper VR will be released on August 1st for the first Playstation VR.

Those who want to get to "work" on the PC with their VR headset should keep an eye out for Builder Simulator VR. In the SteamVR simulation, the dream of owning your own home can be realized in VR - from design to manual construction, brick by brick.

Ndreams is also working on a simulation with seemingly monotonous tasks. The Power Wash Simulator VR, which is planned for Meta Quest in 2023, turned out to be quite dry during our preview. At least it provides a variety of unlockable nozzles and special cleaning bottle attachments for your pressure washer.

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