Co-op shooter takes top spot in PSVR 2 download charts

Co-op shooter takes top spot in PSVR 2 download charts

Sony revealed the top downloads of the past month. Which PSVR 2 games were most popular in September 2023?

The top game in both North America and Europe was Crossfire: Sierra Squad, a VR game released at the end of August. The military shooter is designed for co-op battles against AI opponents, but also features a single-player campaign and Horde mode.

Second and third place went to Beat Saber and Pavlov, a tactical team shooter who has so far been in the top spot almost every month.

Only few newcomers in September

What other new VR games released in September made it onto the charts? Surprisingly few: On the one hand, there is the roguelike combat game Hellsweeper VR, which received a lot of criticism from buyers for its unoptimized PSVR 2 graphics, and on the other hand, the tactical shooter Alvo VR.

The remaining titles are absent, giving way to older titles like Job Simulator, Walkabout Mini Golf, and Creed: Rise to Glory.


Table with rankings of PSVR 2 top downloads in the US/Canada and Europe.

The top downloads of September 2023. | Image: Sony

One of the most hyped VR games, Firewall Ultra, took the top spot last month, but only made it to #10 on the North American download charts in September after much criticism from players.

There are lots of new PSVR 2 games coming out this October, including high-profile titles like The 7th Guest, Vertigo 2, and an official Ghostbusters game. One of the top spots could go to Red Matter, which has been graphically enhanced for Playstation VR 2. The sequel, Red Matter 2, is considered one of the most beautiful titles for the VR headset, and many fans will likely pick up the original for its similarly stellar graphics.

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Sources: Playstation Blog