"Large majority" of PSVR 2 users played Resident Evil Village in VR

Resident Evil Village is three times harder to endure in VR. That's not stopping the PSVR 2 user base from playing in VR mode.

This was revealed by Director of VR Mode Kazuhiro Takahara in an email exchange with UploadVR.

"I can’t share exact numbers, but I have heard that a very large majority of PS VR2 owners have played Resident Evil Village in VR."

The VR mode was released at the launch of the Playstation VR 2 as a free DLC for owners of the Standard Edition or Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village. The game is one of the launch highlights of the Playstation VR 2.

Here's what my MIXED colleague Jan had to say about the game in his review of Resident Evil Village VR:

"Resident Evil Village surpasses almost every other PSVR 2 game in terms of scope, depth of gameplay, and richness of detail. Occasionally, bumpy transitions or glitches show that the game was not designed for VR. Still, the immersion is great, thanks to the stunning scenery, and the game is remarkably well adapted to the PSVR 2's capabilities."

Resident Evil 7 was also a hit on PSVR 1

The VR mode of its predecessor, Resident Evil 7, was also very popular. According to a Capcom statistic, more than one million PSVR 1 players at least tried it out. The first Playstation VR sold over five million units, according to Sony.

Those hoping to see the Resident Evil Village DLC or Mercenary mode get the VR treatment will be disappointed: According to Takahara, there are currently no plans to make this content available in VR.


According to Takahara says the VR port was a "tremendous amount of effort". The main story mode, he says, was not developed with virtual reality in mind. "The game contained a lot of elements that made adapting it to VR a very difficult project," says Takahara.

Another major challenge was rendering Resident Evil Village at a high resolution and a stable 60 frames per second, which Takahara says took "a lot of effort". By using foveated rendering and reprojection, Capcom was able to achieve a smooth gameplay experience.

VR mode in the works for Resident Evil 4

Capcom is currently developing a VR mode for the recently released and highly acclaimed remake of Resident Evil 4.

It is still unconfirmed what the free DLC will contain: Whether it will be separate new content, just snippets, or the entire VR game. Unlike Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4 is played from a third-person perspective, which should be an additional challenge for the team.

Will future Resident Evil games also support a VR mode?

“I can’t comment on our future plans, but I will say that our development teams are always looking to tackle new challenges," says Takahara.

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Sources: UploadVR