Capcom begins work on free Resident Evil 4 "VR mode"

Capcom begins work on free Resident Evil 4

Two official tweets give hope that Resident Evil 4 will get a full VR mode for Playstation VR 2.

Capcom announced last year that the remake of Resident Evil 4 would get "VR content". The studio did not want to be more specific at the time.

Now we have news about Resident Evil 4 VR. The Japanese Twitter channel of the game series has sent out two tweets commenting on the "VR content". They say, machine translated from Japanese:

"Development of Resident Evil 4's VR mode has begun! Stay tuned for more details!"

"Resident Evil RE: 4's VR mode will be distributed as free DLC for PlayStation5 / PlayStation VR 2."

VR mode instead of VR content?

What's striking about the tweets is that Capcom is no longer talking about VR content, but a "VR mode," the same term used for Resident Evil Village, which can be played through entirely in virtual reality. Its VR mode rolled out these days for Playstation VR 2.

Capcom spared no expense for the VR port of Resident Evil Village, implementing hand controls, foveated rendering, and haptic elements, as well as refining the color scheme to make the game world look as authentic as possible when seen through the headset's lens.


If Resident Evil 4 gets a similar treatment, it would be great news for fans of the series. However, we should not get too excited and wait for a confirmation from Capcom or Sony.

The remake will be released on March 23, 2023 for Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox series S and X, and PC. Since the development of the VR content has just begun, it could be a while before it appears.

The second Resident Evil 4 VR

If you own a Meta Quest 2, you can already play Resident Evil 4 completely in virtual reality. However, this congenial VR port is based on the original version from 2005 and not on the modernized remake.

The VR conversion is considered to be one of the best VR games and is probably one of the reasons why Meta took over the studio responsible for it, Armature. It proved that Resident Evil 4 can be fully realized in VR and is a great experience. Capcom should also go the full VR mode route for the remake. Anything less would be disappointing.

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