PS5 Slim could make Playstation VR 2 more portable

PS5 Slim could make Playstation VR 2 more portable

Playstation VR 2 runs without a processor box, camera, and TV. A PS5 Slim could make high-end VR more portable than ever.

Sony has eliminated many inconveniences of the original with Playstation VR 2 (info).

For one, the first Playstation VR's troublesome cables are a thing of the past. The new system connects to the PS5 with a single cable. Further, Playstation VR 2 does not need a processor box or an external camera for spatial tracking of the headset and controllers. The corresponding sensors are now housed in the headset's casing and support full freedom of movement.

The following picture illustrates this great progress.

PSVR 2 works as a TV replacement

Recently, Sony published an FAQ about the Playstation VR 2. It confirms that the VR system does not require a TV after the initial setup. PS5 displays the console's user interface in the VR headset, playing PS5 games and media on a virtual big screen in "cinema mode." The switch between 2D and VR games is seamless.

This means that it will be much easier to transport the high-end VR system than the original or a comparably powerful gaming PC. Headset, controllers, and PS5 will do.


Hope for a shrunken PS5

The console is still the biggest obstacle in terms of size and weight. Something could soon happen in this area as well. There have been rumors for quite some time that Sony will launch a PS5 Slim, which is supposed to be smaller and lighter.

How much smaller and lighter is unknown. Any improvement in size and weight is welcome. Improved portability of the Playstation VR 2 would make it easier to take the VR system on trips or to introduce friends to high-end VR by bringing the system to them.

Sony has already released two revisions of the PS5 and reduced the weight of the console by about a pound. Currently, the standard console takes up a lot of space in the living room - or in a backpack.

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