Popular VR hero shooter X8 goes free to play on Steam

Popular VR hero shooter X8 goes free to play on Steam

The hero shooter X8 is now available for SteamVR for free. There are also exclusive DLC packs and the fourth major update.


The VR multiplayer game X8, developed and published by Thirdverse, has received its fourth major update and is now free to play for PC VR via Steam. The 5v5 hero shooter, which pits players against each other in different roles in teams, introduces a number of new features and improvements with the update.

Among the new features is a lock-in rewards system that rewards you with badges for logging in and completing matches each day. These badges can be exchanged for skins, credits, and bytes, or collected to unlock special rewards. An interactive weapon shop now allows you to view and select weapons in a fully interactive 3D space. That makes weapon selection even more informative.

The update also improves team balance with tweaked matchmaking algorithms to ensure fairer and more competitive matches for you. In addition, the most influential player is highlighted as the Match MVP after each match. Improved voice tutorials featuring the character Sarai have also been introduced to help new players get started.

X8 and the latest update are available now for free on SteamVR and in the Meta Quest Store for Meta Quest 2, Quest 3, and the Quest Pro Store. Exclusive DLC packs featuring new skins and characters are also available.



This is the hero shooter X8

Developer Thirdverse is known for VR games like Swords of Gargantua, Altair Breaker, and the recently released Soul Covenant. With X8, the studio has created a hero shooter in which a renegade mod has brought together characters from different game worlds to compete in 5v5 VR battles. You take on the role of these heroes and fight to find your way back to your world.

Across the various game modes, you can combine your shooting skills with various hero abilities. Including turrets, tripwires, and smoke grenades. You can also customize your equipment with a selection of weapons and armor to gain a competitive edge.

In Demolition Mode, you alternate between the roles of attacker and defender by placing or disarming the Siphon. The maps are designed to test players' creative strategies to defeat their opponents on the battlefield.

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