Popular VR battle royale shooter Contractors Showdown finally gets solo mode

Popular VR battle royale shooter Contractors Showdown finally gets solo mode

Want to survive the VR battle royale without a team? No problem with the new Solo mode in Contractors Showdown.


Caveman Studio has updated its VR battle royale shooter Contractors Showdown with a permanent solo mode. Now you can immerse yourself in the intense multiplayer battles with up to 45 players without the support of a team.


Contractors Showdown: Battle Royale action on a huge VR map

In previous test runs of the solo mode in mid-May, the development studio experimented with optimized mechanics for the shrinking playing field, an increased number of computer-controlled opponents, and the ability for players to resurrect themselves with a free syringe.

Contractors Showdown is a VR battle royale game that was released in April on the Meta Quest Store for just under $20 and is now also available as a PC VR version via Steam. Up to 60 players compete on a 16 square kilometer map, with the playable area gradually shrinking until a winner is determined.


The arsenal of weapons in the game is varied and includes sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns and pistols. There are also various scopes, grenades and other tactical accessories. You earn resource points through a progression system, which you can use to unlock blueprints and cosmetic items. Before each round, you also have the option of selecting three types of perks that give you strategic advantages.

According to Kevin's impressions from his hands-on with Contractors Showdown, the shooter's controls and gameplay are easy to master, so even newcomers should find their way around quickly.

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