Contractors Showdown is testing a solo mode next weekend

Contractors Showdown is testing a solo mode next weekend

The new VR battle royale Contractors Showdown is launching a solo mode beta test this coming weekend.


The beta will take place from May 17 to 19, 2024.

"Prepare to explore the island solo with new features and mechanics," the studio writes, without giving any details on what those features and mechanics might be.

Contractors Showdown is designed for 20 trio teams per map per round. On X, the studio writes that the mode is planned as a permanent feature, but still needs to be tested.

Solo mode would be ideal for players who don't want to wait for friends or play with random team members. It is currently possible to go into battle alone or as duos, although you will usually have to compete against trios.

Solo mode could reduce queue times, but there is a risk of splitting the player base into two groups.


The beta seems to cover both the Quest and PC VR versions. You can keep up with the beta by joining the Contractors Showdown Discord server.


Battles on a giant map

Contractors Showdown features up to 60 players on a 16 square kilometer map, making it the largest battle royale battleground in VR to date.

Contractors Showdown was released on April 25 on the Horizon Store for Quest 2, 3 and Pro, and on Steam for PC VR-compatible headsets. It costs $20. The VR game supports cross-play.

The launch seems to have been successful: On Meta Quest, the game reached 1,000 ratings within a few weeks, making it one of the most successful Quest launches of the year. The challenge will be to keep the players engaged for the long term.

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