Playstation VR 2: Your eyes are part of the game in the tactical shooter "Firewall Ultra"

Playstation VR 2: Your eyes are part of the game in the tactical shooter

Firewall Zero Hour is one of the most popular games on Playstation VR. The successor, Firewall Ultra for PSVR 2, allows input via eye tracking.

Even four years after the launch of Firewall Zero Hour, the game still has a dedicated fan base. The title came out exclusively for Sony's VR headset and is still one of the most sophisticated VR shooters around.

The sequel will also be released exclusively for Playstation VR 2. For this, the studio wants to exhaust new features of Sony's VR headset, which will be released for the Playstation 5 in early 2023.

Eyes as input with the PSVR 2

Among other things, the eye tracking of the VR headset is mentioned. You can do some things in the game with eye movements, such as exchanging weapons via eye tracking or fading in HUD control lights. For now, the studio does not go into more detail about the tricks enabled by eye tracking.

Other PSVR2-exclusive features that the game makes use of are finger touch detection, adaptive triggers, and foveated rendering.

What is known is that in addition to competitive matches, an "all-new PvE experience" against computer opponents is also planned. Play alone, or team up cooperatively with human online partners.

In competitive matches, there is now a round system. The aim is always to emerge as the winner from three rounds. Meanwhile, dedicated servers are supposed to ensure stable performance without lag.


The gameplay doesn't seem to have changed. Two teams of mercenaries try to either capture or protect a laptop with sensitive information using force of arms and technical gadgets.

Revised and new locations in Firewall Ultra

In addition to new locations and principals, some familiar locales also return. Old maps will be completely revamped, including new areas and textures. Furthermore, the studio touts more customization options and prettier character models.

After the release, the studio plans to deliver new content regularly, including new contractors, maps, and weapons. It is not yet known whether paid DLC content will be included, as in the predecessor. As of this writing, there is hardly any further information in the Playstation Store, not even about the price or a release date.

However, it is already explicitly advertised there that the game is developed for Playstation VR 2. It is therefore possible that part 2 of the tactical shooter will also remain Sony-exclusive. The last VR game by Team Solaris, Offworld Combat, was released for multiple platforms.

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