Playstation VR 2: How to find free PSVR 2 upgrades of older games

Playstation VR 2: How to find free PSVR 2 upgrades of older games

There are free and paid upgrades of PSVR 1 games for Playstation VR 2. Where can you find them?

Playstation VR 2 is not backwards compatible with PSVR 1 games. This means that if you bought games for the older VR system, you won't be able to play them with Playstation VR 2, unless there is an PSVR 2 upgrade for said games. This is the case for quite a few titles.

Some of these PSVR 2 upgrades are free, so Playstation VR 2 owners won't be asked to pay again and can simply download the game. One example of this is the great survival game Song in the Smoke, which has been reworked and improved in many ways for Playstation VR 2 at no extra cost.

Others require a (usually small) upgrade fee, such as Thumper or Tetris Effect. Whether a PSVR 2 upgrade is free or not is decided by the studios themselves, not Sony.

PSVR 2 upgrades: Here's how to find them

Which PSVR 2 upgrades are free, and which are paid?

The best place to check is the PlayStation Store. Either on your PS5 or in the browser of your choice.

  • For PS5: Playstation Store > Browse > Sort and Filter (top left icon with an arrow and three lines) > VR > Select PS VR2. You'll now see an overview of all titles available for PSVR 2. Paid titles will be marked as such and the price will be displayed.
  • In the browser: Go to the Playstation Store, sign into your account, and search for the game you want. If you select the PS5 version, you should be able to see if there is a paid PSVR 2 upgrade along with the price. Details can be found under "Game and Legal Info".

Another overview can be found on Reddit. For example, here is a list from Reddit user moogle_kupo that lists the free and paid PSVR 2 upgrades as well as free games, demos, and VR updates.

Yet another list has been created by Reddit user miss_molotov. In the Reddit post, you'll find a link to a Google spreadsheet that lists free and paid PSVR 2 upgrades.


Many more PSVR 2 upgrades are in the works

Please note that these user-generated lists are not necessarily up to date and may contain incomplete information. When in doubt, it's best to check the Playstation Store.

If there is no PSVR 2 upgrade for certain PSVR 1 games, there is still a chance that one will be released at a later date. More than 100 VR games are known to be in development for Playstation VR 2, and many of these are likely to be PSVR 2 upgrades.

If your favorite PSVR 1 game isn't coming to PSVR 2, you'll have no choice but to play it on PSVR 1. The good news: PS5 does support the old VR headset, albeit only with a special adapter.

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