Playstation VR 2 cable cannot be easily removed

Playstation VR 2 cable cannot be easily removed

Here is an update from Dyer - the cable can be removed, but the process isn't easy.

"Despite articles claiming that the PSVR2 cable won't be detachable, as we show here it really is. Friends of the channel have gone hands-on, removed the cable themselves and described the process to us. You'll need to remove the padding and dismantle the headset a bit so it's not something you'll want to do unless you have to - but the point is that if you have to do it, you can. Unlike the PSVR1."

Those who hoped that the cable of the Playstation VR 2 could be easily removed and replaced will be disappointed.

This question has been the subject of speculation for a long time. A hands-on by Youtuber Myles Dyer now brings certainty.

Dyer did not try out the headset at CES 2023. Instead, he visited the offices of the VR studio Fast Travel Games, which is working on several games for the Playstation VR 2. There he was able to take a closer and longer look at the device than would have been possible at the Sony stand. He also checked the exit of the cable on the headset.

His video shows the spot in question up close. According to Dyer, the cable cannot be removed, just like on the first Playstation VR, and is firmly attached to the head mount.

A closer look shows that the cable is routed past the back of the head mount to its right side and to the top-left side of the headset, where it appears to plug into the device.

"I think that is where it can be detached. Now it's not to say that it's meant to be detached or that it’s easy. Clearly you'd have to do quite a lot of removal of components. But it does look like it's something that could be replaced a lot easier. Maybe it's something that would have to be done by Sony," Dyer says.


Fixed PSVR2 cable makes wireless VR less likely

So it doesn't seem like you can just replace the cable if it gets damaged, which can happen with intensive VR use. In the case of a warranty claim, you would have to send the headset back to Sony for repair.

If the cable were detachable, Sony could also have made it easier to add a wireless adapter to the Playstation VR 2 - an accessory that VR fans have speculated about extensively. We know that Sony is at least researching wireless VR.

Of course, it's not out of the question that Sony will launch a revision of the VR headset with a replaceable cable in a year or two, should the current solution indeed prove to be a problem. Sony also brought a revised version of PSVR 1, in which the amount of cable was reduced somewhat and the headphone jack was integrated into the head mount.