Survival Nation is a zombie VR shooter exclusively for Pico 4

Survival Nation is a zombie VR shooter exclusively for Pico 4

Pico announces a new VR game exclusively for the Pico 4 - a multiplayer online RPG in a zombie-infested open world.

Pico has exclusive rights to Survival Nation. The VR game will only be released on the Pico 4 (for now) and is supposed to take VR gamers into a zombie open-world.

Pico secures online open-world RPG with zombies

In Survival Nation, you try to survive a zombie apocalypse together with other gamers. The online RPG supposedly offers an open world in which you work together with other players as a team. The game description is still quite vague. Your tasks include killing zombies, buying weapons, learning skills, crafting, and solving quests.

Survival Nation is being developed by Wenkly Studio. The Polish VR studio previously released Battle of Kings and Elven Assassin, which was also released for Meta Quest 2 (review). The developers also design VR games for VR arcades and VR parks.

Survival Nation for Pico 4: Many questions remain open

All VR games available at the launch of Pico 4 (review) previously appeared on other systems. The only exclusive title announced so far is the dance game Just Dance VR for 2023. With the announcement of another exclusive title, Pico says it wants to emphasize its commitment to offering users a "diverse and comprehensive library" of content.


It is difficult to assess whether this will be successful with Survival Nation. There are no pictures or trailers. There is no website beyond social pages. A release date has also not yet been set, and questions remain about exclusivity. Pico announces Survival Nation with a "Standalone Exclusivity". For a "limited time" from release, "standalone VR gamers", i.e. gamers who use mobile VR headsets, will only be able to access the online RPG via Pico headsets.

That rules out a release for Oculus Quest 2 for now. How long this exclusivity will last remains unclear. It is also unclear whether the game will be released for PC VR or even Playstation VR 2 at launch. SteamVR does not list the title at the moment.