Pico 4 Deal: Get VR hit Arizona Sunshine 2 & two more VR games for free

Pico 4 Deal: Get VR hit Arizona Sunshine 2 & two more VR games for free

Buy the Pico 4 mobile VR headset now and save up to €100 or £120 and get three top VR games for free.

Just in time for Christmas, the Pico 4 will be available from 24 November as a holiday bundle with three free VR games. There will also be a special Black Friday discount on 24 November.

Pico 4 deals: These VR games are included

The Holiday Bundle consists of the Pico 4 VR headset and three VR games: Green Hell VR, Warplanes: Battles over the Pacific and the recently announced Arizona Sunshine 2. On Black Friday the Holiday Bundle costs just £259,99 (€329) or £349 (€399) for the Pico 4 with 256 GB.

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Arizona Sunshine 2 will be released on 7 December 2023 and will be available from the release date. The three VR games can be downloaded for free from the library between 24 November 2023 and 14 January 2024 after successfully registering the Pico 4 via the Pico VR app.

Arizona Sunshine 2: What you can expect

With Arizona Sunshine 2, you can get a potential VR hit for free with your VR headset. Developer Vertigo Games recently unveiled gameplay from the sequel to its popular VR zombie survival shooter in an extensive showcase.


Announced in May, the sequel follows the seemingly lone survivor as he searches for more humans in a post-apocalyptic world, accompanied by his helpful sheepdog Buddy.

The campaign is expected to be two to three times as long as the original, offering between eight and twelve hours of gameplay. You will have access to an extensive arsenal of weapons and can play the campaign in co-op mode with friends. Cross-play is also supported.

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