VR flying game Warplanes gets World War II sequel

VR flying game Warplanes gets World War II sequel

Warplanes: Battles over Pacific promises exciting dogfights in World War II with an authentic cockpit perspective.

Warplanes: WW1 Fighters was a pleasant surprise. The historical dogfights for Meta Quest (2) and SteamVR offer a great feeling of being in the middle of the action, detailed world war sceneries and natural control options in the cockpit with your own virtual hands.

So it's all the more pleasing that the Polish indie developer Home Net Games has a successor in the works. The VR game Warplanes: Battles over Pacific takes players to the Second World War this time. According to the studio, an Early Access version on Steam will be released soon.

Warplanes: Battles over Pacific - Dogfights with Japan

Pilots take on the Japanese Empire in the campaign, flying ten iconic aircraft models from the era. Realistic graphics and intuitive controls supposedly make the virtual reality experience much more immersive than its predecessor. The technological leap between the two world wars is clearly noticeable in the handling and speed of the aircraft, according to the studio.

As with its predecessor, Home Net Games should aim for a beginner-friendly compromise between simulation and smooth arcade fun. Already in Part 1, this mixture provided a high degree of immersion when flying. And there are few comparable games on the Quest in a realistic scenario. Ultrawings and its successor, for example, have a much stronger cartoon impact in the art design.

Besides the campaign in three difficulty levels, the studio is also developing co-op missions and multiplayer modes. If you'd rather have the polished full version, you'll have to wait until early autumn. The team is confident that the game will be ready by the end of the third quarter - in September at the latest.


VR games for the community

Until then, the studio wants to revise many areas: from gameplay to control improvements to desired community features. In return, the price will be raised somewhat. The price scale is not yet known.

The studio has also not yet announced a version for platforms apart from SteamVR. A Quest version is likely, as the predecessor has already achieved a small cult status there with positive user reviews. Quest is also the strongest sales platform for VR games.

The first game was initially released on the Sidequest Store before Meta brought it to the official store. Click here to go to the Early Access page for Warplanes: Battles over Pacific with some more screenshots.

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