Meta is opening up the Quest Store and Pico could follow suit

Meta is opening up the Quest Store and Pico could follow suit

The App Lab is being integrated into the Quest Store. Pico is now apparently considering doing the same as Meta and is gathering feedback from developers.


The Pico Store Operation Team has sent an email to Pico developers. The email states:

"I hope this message finds you well. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to PICO. We are currently endeavoring to create the most open application ecosystem in the XR industry. Our goal is to facilitate a seamless and efficient development and release process for you and your fellow developers."

The email then asks developers to share "insights and experiences in this area" with Pico using a form.


Pico copied App Lab, is it now copying Meta's next move?

Meta began integrating App Lab into the Quest Store this week. The App Lab is an early access store for experimental and in-development Quest apps that has no quality requirements, unlike the strictly curated Quest Store. One drawback of the App Lab for developers is that it's been very difficult for consumers to find these apps because they are not listed on the official Quest Store. The gradual integration of the App Lab into the Quest Store will give developers more visibility for their apps.

Pico copied the App Lab in July 2023 with the introduction of Pico Lab, but unlike Meta in the App Lab, it only allows free apps in the Pico Lab, which further reduces the attractiveness of the Pico Lab for developers.


As Pico often follows Meta at every turn, Pico could also follow Meta's example in this case. Whether and how this might happen remains to be seen. Pico developers have until May 21 to submit their feedback.

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