Free VR games for Pico 4: ByteDance launches Pico Lab

Free VR games for Pico 4: ByteDance launches Pico Lab

Pico Lab brings new content to VR headsets like the Pico 4, and smaller studios in particular could benefit.

Pico XR and parent company ByteDance have launched Pico Lab. The new development portal is similar in structure to Meta's App Lab for Quest VR headsets. It makes it easier for development studios to get their VR apps into the hands of Pico users.

Pico Lab encourages innovation and direct access

Unlike the regular Pico App Store, which requires a longer and more rigorous approval process to ensure the quality of VR games, Pico Lab allows developers to share their content with fewer hurdles.

This makes it easier for smaller developer studios in particular to get their projects in front of a wider audience, or to offer VR games as early access versions.

While Pico Lab is similar to Meta's App Lab in many ways, there is one important limitation: Pico Lab currently only supports free apps and does not allow in-app payments.


Pico Lab offers more content

For users, the advantage of Pico Lab is that more VR games will soon be available for VR headsets like the Pico Neo Link 3 or Pico 4. The mobile headset in particular was criticized for a lack of content at the time of its release.

In the months that followed, the number of VR games increased, and even former Quest-exclusive titles like FitXR were made available for the Pico 4. Pico also opened up to SideQuest, which allows users to sideload VR games not available in the official store onto the Pico 4.

Currently, ByteDance and Pico are selling their VR headset primarily in Europe and Asia. Pico VR headsets are not officially available in the USA. An attempt to enter the South American market recently failed due to the brand name – Pico was too vulgar for Chile.

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