FitXR expands to Pico 4 and Pico Neo Link 3 headsets in UK, EU, and Asia 

FitXR expands to Pico 4 and Pico Neo Link 3 headsets in UK, EU, and Asia 

FitXR now supports Pico 4 and Pico Neo Link 3 headsets, making this well-rated VR fitness game available to more people.

Combining high-intensity interval training (HIIT), dancing, boxing, and more into a single app, FitXR’s variety is hard to beat. Now Pico headset owners can join in the fun of competing in multiplayer workouts or going solo when they want to set their own pace.

The company takes fitness seriously, and FitXR’s CEO shared some insights about working out in virtual reality.

Previously, a Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset was required, limiting the reach of FitXR. While Pico headsets are not available through U.S. retailers, the Pico 4 and Pico Neo Link 3 are popular in the United Kingdom, European, and Asian countries.

The app is updated regularly with new music, classes, and workout styles. FitXR recently introduced combat classes, where you learn martial arts exercises.


Fitness has proven to be a surprisingly useful addition to VR. While Beat Saber can make you sweat, it isn’t as intensive and effective as a game designed to give you a good workout.

Another great fitness game is Les Mills Body Combat.

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You can read all about the Pico 4 in our linked review.

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