One of the best VR fitness games for Meta Quest finally gets a big DLC

One of the best VR fitness games for Meta Quest finally gets a big DLC

Ready for a new challenge? The Power Strike DLC for Les Mills XR Bodycombat brings you eight high-impact workouts, exclusive cosmetics and more.


Odders Lab and Les Mills today have released the first paid DLC for the Les Mills XR Bodycombat fitness app: "Power Strike" is now available for $7.99 on Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

The expansion includes eight new challenging workouts with 22 new songs. Two new moves are introduced, a "premium environment" called "Arena of the Brave" is available, and for the first time there are new cosmetics: a golden platform and golden boxing gloves.

With the new Power Strike, you'll have to really put some oomph into your punches to earn bonus points, and the Final Targets will challenge towards the end of the workout.

An exclusive "Meta Quest x Les Mills XR Bodycombat Fitness Bundle" is now only available in the U.S. until June 30th. It includes a Meta Quest 3 or Quest 2, Meta Active Straps and the full version of Les Mills XR Bodycombat. It will cost $229.99 with the Quest 2 and $539.99 with the Quest 3.

Odders Lab has also announced that it will continue to improve the base game with regular free updates. These will include performance improvements, bug fixes, and quality of life adjustments.


The future of VR fitness: DLCs and bundles

According to Odders Lab, the Power Strike DLC is a logical next step for Les Mills XR Bodycombat. The Spanish developers are committed to delivering the ultimate XR fitness experience: “For the past 2 years, we have dropped eight content and feature updates, responding to our community’s desire for more. With the introduction of premium DLC packs, we aim to innovate gameplay further, introduce new moves, and elevate the game to provide the ultimate XR fitness experience. We’re excited for players to try the Power Strike DLC and provide feedback as we continue to perfect the Les Mills XR Bodycombat formula,” said the Odders Lab team.

In addition to Les Mills XR Bodycombat, Odders also released Les Mills XR Dance, a VR fitness app focused on dance choreography, at the end of last year. In my hands-on with Les Mills XR Dance, I explain why you should definitely incorporate the XR dance app into your fitness routine.



Paid DLC instead of a paid subscription? Yes, gladly

Les Mills XR Bodycombat is not only one of the best VR fitness apps for Meta Quest in terms of gameplay, it also has a decisive advantage over the competition: unlike Supernatural or FitXR, there are no monthly subscription fees.

Frankly, I always feared that Odders would switch to a subscription model sooner or later. So I'm all the more pleased with the announcement that the studio will instead rely on paid DLCs.

This way, Odders will be able to finance the development of the app and offer new content on a regular basis without straining the wallets of the enthusiastic VR fitness fans too much.

Now the content has to be convincing. I will check it out as soon as possible and let you know in a hands-on if the DLC is worth the money.

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