Off-road action in virtual reality: MudRunner VR is now available for Meta Quest

Off-road action in virtual reality: MudRunner VR is now available for Meta Quest

MudRunner VR is now available for Meta Quest. Developer Saber Interactive explains in an interview what you can expect.


MudRunner VR is a reimagining of the classic MudRunner game developed specifically for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro and is now available in the Horizon Store for $19.99. The VR game puts you behind the wheel of eight unique off-road vehicles. Your task is to master challenging terrain and unpredictable environments.

According to Andrey Vasilyev, producer of MudRunner VR, the game features a story mode and a free play mode. You will be confronted with muddy terrain, raging rivers and other realistically reacting obstacles. Each vehicle has individual characteristics and customizable equipment.

A special feature compared to its predecessors is that in MudRunner VR you can get out of the vehicle to perform actions such as attaching the winch cable or refueling manually. "This is the first game in the series where the player can leave their vehicle. The main focus remains on driving, but actions like refueling and winch installation are now performed manually, enhancing the immersion compared to pressing a button in menus," says Vasilyev.

There is no traditional vehicle tuning like in the previous games. Instead, you have to find resources on the map to perform repairs. According to Vasilyev, the development team put a lot of time and effort into preventing motion sickness to make the experience as comfortable and immersive as possible. Based on feedback from closed playtests, this has been successful. Vasilyev recommends starting the game in a seated position and playing in comfort mode.



First VR outing in the MudRunner series

MudRunner VR for Meta Quest was announced at the end of April, but without a release date. The VR conversion is part of the off-road simulation video game series of the same name, developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive.

In the MudRunner games, players control various off-road vehicles, such as trucks, jeeps, and tractors, and perform various tasks, such as delivering cargo or exploring maps. The games are known for their realistic physics engine and the challenging terrain conditions you have to overcome, such as mud, rivers, rough roads and steep slopes.

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