Nexus makes Kat VR treadmills directly compatible with Quest 2 and PSVR 2

Nexus makes Kat VR treadmills directly compatible with Quest 2 and PSVR 2

Kat Nexus makes Kat VR treadmills compatible with Quest 2 and PSVR 2. Pico and Vive headsets are also expected to run in the future.

The virtual reality treadmills from the company Kat VR have so far been aimed primarily at PC users. A hardware solution called Kat Nexus planned for December is supposed to change that: The new adapter will make the company's products, such as the current Kat Walk C2, directly compatible with the Meta Quest (2). After connecting the adapter, the system will natively support all Free Motion Quest games, according to Kat VR.

Quest users could already play some apps with Kat treadmills before. However, the support had to be built in by the developer studios via SDK. Thus, the treadmill only worked with a selection of titles. Via the adapter, the treadmill theoretically runs (SCNR) with all games where a treadmill makes sense.

VR treadmill on the Quest 2 with Kat Nexus

Kat Nexus supports the manufacturer's current VR locomotion systems that use its "Kat Gateway", i.e. Kat Walk C, Kat Walk C 2 (+), Kat Walk mini (S) and KAT Loco S. They can all connect wirelessly to the Quest 2 via the adapter. The movements that are normally controlled with the analog sticks are then assigned to the foot movements on the treadmill by a universal "Input Integration Algorithm".

The common term treadmill only fits to a limited extent: Kat Walk C and Kat Walk C 2 (+) are more like a kind of gliding platform. The user straps himself onto a kind of backrest and glides his feet over the smooth plastic platform, imitating the running motion.

The KAT Loco S system, which is also supported by Kat Nexus, does not use a walking machine. Instead, users apply motion sensors and march on the spot or on a small carpet. The software then translates the movements detected by the Loco S into the game.

The manufacturer emphasizes that Kat Nexus is a native integration for the Quest platform, but without direct support from Meta. Nevertheless, one should not worry about Meta blocking the software connection to the Quest (2): The adapter adheres to Meta's protocols, the company says.


Kat Nexus is also working with PSVR 2

It is not clear from the announcement whether the new Meta Quest Pro also supports the adapter. However, there is nothing against it since Quest Pro and Quest 2 share the operating system.

Kat mentions other platforms that Kat Nexus will support, including the VR headsets of the "Pico Neo" series (Kat does not name Pico 4 yet), Vive and Playstation VR.

For PSVR 2, the trailer already promotes Resident Evil Village, Horizon Call of the Mountain, and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution. More supported headsets and platforms are to follow.

As part of the pre-sale through November 30, Kat Nexus will cost $69 in the official store, with no shipping charges worldwide. After that, $99 plus any shipping costs will be due. Delivery will begin in December 2022.

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