New VR mod: Ghost of Tsushima now also playable in VR

New VR mod: Ghost of Tsushima now also playable in VR

Ever wanted to play Ghost of Tsushima in VR? Thanks to a resourceful modder, it's now possible — with a few limitations.


Modder Luke Ross has released a new VR mod for the action hit Ghost of Tsushima. The mod supports stereoscopic 3D and 6DOF (six degrees of freedom) tracking, but relies solely on gamepad controls. Motion controls are not supported.

Despite this limitation, the mod promises an immersive VR experience in the detailed game world. Ghost of Tsushima is considered one of the most beautiful open-world games and has won numerous awards for its atmospheric art design inspired by the cinema of Akira Kurosawa.


Luke Ross: The full-time modder bringing gaming hits to VR

Luke Ross has made a name for himself as a full-time VR modder and has been porting blockbuster games to VR for years, including GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2, Cyberpunk 2077, and Watch Dogs. Over 2,000 users support Ross on Patreon, paying $10 per month for access to his latest mods. After fees and taxes, Ross makes around $10,000 per month.

Despite the huge interest in VR adaptations of blockbuster open-world games, major game studios are shying away from producing VR versions themselves. According to Ross, this is because the VR market is still too small to generate large profits, and the expectations of investors and gamers are too high. He sees the early introduction of VR controllers as a fatal mistake that scared off many studios because suddenly, everything had to be designed for manual control.


Ross sees more potential in bringing games to VR with familiar gamepad controls first. Only when the VR market has matured can new forms of interaction be established. His VR mods aim to show consumers and developers what is already possible in VR.

Ross does not expect any repercussions from the rights holders of the games he modifies. On the contrary, he sees his mods as an incentive to buy the original games. Furthermore, He is certain that he has more influence as an independent modder than if he worked for a studio. As long as there is interest in his mods, he plans to continue.

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