New song pack for Beat Saber arrives today, here is a teaser

New song pack for Beat Saber arrives today, here is a teaser

Beat Games announces a new music pack for November 8 and gives a hint about the artist.

In a short video posted on Twitter, the game's red and blue lettering can be seen with the right lightsaber smashing the second E. What remains is: BEAT SABR.

In the comments under the video, fans speculate that the new song pack contains music by Canadian R&B singer, songwriter and actor The Weeknd, because the last E is also missing from his stage name.

A Twitter account by the name of kaitlyn~, who has excelled at Quest data mining in the past, claims to have leaked the full song list. So if you want to be surprised, you should read no further.

The song package contains the following music tracks:

  • The Hills
  • Take My Breath
  • Save Your Tears
  • Starboy
  • Sacrifice
  • Pray For Me
  • I Feel It Coming
  • How Do I Make You Love Me
  • Can't Feel My Face
  • Blinding Lights

Beat Games has not confirmed anything like that at the moment.


Another paid DLC follows one month after Lizzo.

If it is indeed The Weeknd, the Song Pack would be the 16th paid DLC. The last paid content was released just a month ago and included nine songs by US rapper and singer Lizzo. It followed DLCs from world-renowned artists like Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Skrillex, Linkin Park, and Green Day.

In mid-July, an update was released that brought more than 80 new one-handed levels, fed by 29 already released songs (both free and paid music tracks).

Beat Saber received its biggest upgrade to date in March, when Beat Games introduced two new notes: the most drastic gameplay change since the Early Access launch in May 2018.

Beat Saber: No release for Pico 4 and PSVR 2?

Beat Saber is virtual reality's most successful game and is expected to have generated more revenue in 2021 than the next five biggest VR apps combined. Beat Games is one of nine VR studios that Meta acquired since late 2019.

With the launch of new VR headsets like Pico 4 and Playstation VR 2, the question is whether Meta will capitalize on this acquisition and withhold the game from competing VR platforms.

In any case, Beat Saber is not available for the Pico 4, which will be released in October 2022, and Sony has not announced anything in this direction for Playstation VR 2 either. But what is not, can still become: Beat Saber is available for the first Playstation VR and the latest Song Pack is also supposed to be released for the VR headset as usual.