Meta's new VR headset: Is it called "Quest Pro"?

Meta's new VR headset: Is it called

Meta will launch a new VR headset in the fall. According to a new hint, the device could be called "Quest Pro".

The VR headset was announced in October 2021 under the internal project name Cambria (all info). The product name itself was not revealed and is a well-kept secret.

Mark Zuckerberg, however, spoke of a Quest Pro as early as May 2021. A code snippet in the iPhone version of the Oculus app now also points in this direction.

It was discovered by developer Steve Moser, who has already found hints of upcoming Quest features in the past. The code refers to the pairing of a controller for a device called "Meta Quest Pro".

Is Meta staying true to the Quest name?

Of course, it could just be a placeholder name. Even Zuckerberg may have only wanted to hint at the direction the new product is taking with "Quest Pro" without directly revealing the product name.

Well-known supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has long assumed that the Cambria will be called Quest 2 Pro, and leaker Bradley Lynch claims to have heard from many of his sources that the device will be named that way.

The fact that Meta can build on an already established brand speaks in favor of this name. However, "Quest" is commonly associated with VR gaming. A new name might fit the device better, since it is a different product line that is aimed at professionals and businesses.


There is still time before the launch in the fall or winter, and it is possible that Meta itself has not yet decided on the name.

Cambria with a significant performance boost?

The code find was reported by Bloomberg. The article also says that the device will cost more than $1,000, which is no surprise: Meta already confirmed that Cambria will be significantly more expensive than $800. Zuckerberg recently hinted that it could cost as much as a new PC.

Bloomberg also writes that the headset will be much more capable graphically than Meta Quest 2. Earlier reports assumed that Cambria will have the same processor.

It is possible that Cambria will have a better cooling solution, which allows getting more performance out of the chip. It is known that Meta Quest 2 only uses 50 percent of the full CPU clock. More RAM could also contribute to the performance increase.

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