Meta plans 4 new VR headsets by 2024, Cambria will be expensive - report

Meta plans 4 new VR headsets by 2024, Cambria will be expensive - report

Meta plans to launch up to four new VR headsets in the next few years, according to sources close to the company. In addition, Meta plans to launch AR glasses, smartwatches and other hardware.

Meta's next VR headset will be Project Cambria and is scheduled for release around September 2022, according to a report by the website The Information, which claims to have gained insight into an internal roadmap.

Mark Zuckerberg recently paraphrased Cambria as a device optimized for work that will one day replace laptops. Meta employees are said to sometimes refer to the device as a "laptop for the face" or a "Chromebook for the face," according to the report. Regarding performance, the latter will be more accurate, as Cambria, like Meta Quest 2, is expected to rely on a smartphone chip.

According to the sources, the first version of Cambria, codenamed Arcata, will cost around $799. Meta did not comment on the report, but denied this price, claiming that it will be "significantly higher".

Two new Quests in a row

A second Cambria version, code-named Funston, is expected to follow in 2024, the report adds. Cambria was originally scheduled to launch in 2021, but was delayed due to supply chain issues and other pandemic-related problems. Also affected by delays, according to the report, are Ray-Ban Stories, an upcoming pair of AR glasses, and Meta's first smartwatch.

In addition to the two higher-priced Cambria units, two new Quests codenamed Stinson and Cardiff are planned for 2023 and 2024, according to The Information's sources. All four codenames are named after places in California, the sources added.


In the future, Meta plans to alternate between launching a high-end VR headset (Cambria) and a more affordable device (Quest). It is uncertain whether Meta will be able to keep the outlined schedule. Further postponements could follow.

Meta also wants to bring smartwatches and AR glasses to market

According to an earlier report from Verge, the company is planning a whole range of other products besides virtual reality.

A smartwatch is planned for this year, as well as two iterations of the same for the following two years. In 2024, Meta plans to launch a pair of basic data glasses (codenamed Hypernova) and full-fledged AR glasses (codenamed Project Nazare) for developers. The latter device, dubbed the "Holy Grail" by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerbrg, is expected to be replaced by lighter and more advanced devices in 2026 and 2028, respectively.

As you can see, Meta has extremely ambitious hardware plans and could have a whole range of products filling the shelves of its Meta Stores in just a few years. Currently, only the Ray-Ban Stories, the Portal brand video chat devices and the Meta Quest 2 can be found there.

Sources: The Information