Metal Gear Solid VR: Mod brings the original cult game to VR

Metal Gear Solid VR: Mod brings the original cult game to VR

Solid Snake is back. In VR, you can enter the game world of the classic and slip into the body of Solid Snake.

Almost 25 years ago (whew!), Metal Gear Solid was the gaming hit par excellence. With great graphics, polished gameplay, a spectacularly staged story, nuanced vibration controller support (yes, honestly), and one of the most iconic game characters of all time, it captured the hearts of gamers everywhere. Thanks to a mod, you can now visit parts of the game in VR.

Back to Shadow Moses Island

Modder Holydh is making the project his own. He ported the first three main areas (harbor, helicopter landing pad, tank hangar) of the original 1998 game to VR so far. He used the VR game Boneworks and original code as a basis for this.

Boneworks is great for this thanks to its complex physics engine and a distinct avatar embodiment. This allows you to push yourself up against crates in the shadows or crawl through vents, and in VR you can perform all the actions yourself instead of just pushing buttons. Remove grates from vents, aim your SOCOM pistol, crawl under a tank to hide from enemies, and wield Gray Fox's katana.

The VR engine also changes the gameplay. For example, you can climb on crates and take out enemies from above.

Much love for the original

Holydh has a lot of love for the original, which you can see in the game. He ported the graphics, which are clunky from today's perspective but have a nostalgic value, as accurately as possible into the Boneworks engine. In addition to parts of the original game, he developed a museum that displays various character models from the Metal Gear Solid series, including the gigantic Metal Gear Rex.



The mod requires Boneworks (about $30) and a PC VR headset. You can use Meta Quest 2 on your PC via Air Link. The download and installation instructions are available at Nexus Mods.

Holydh wants to continue working on the mod and add story videos, the keycard system and more scenes and events from the original game.