Meta Quest's VPS helped recall spaces over 100 million times

Meta Quest's VPS helped recall spaces over 100 million times

Meta goes into detail about a cloud service that makes using Meta Quest a smoother experience. It is called Visual Positioning System or VPS.


Meta offers a glimpse of VPS in a blog post, describing the technology as a "cloud service that extends your Quest’s ability to remember spaces and provides more robust mixed reality content recall over a larger number of spaces."

VPS has many advantages. It can store more different rooms, recognize spaces better and more often place mixed reality content exactly where you left it, remember your boundaries more reliably, and eliminate the need to remap the room so you can jump into a VR or MR experience faster.

In the blog post, Meta says VPS has already helped Quest users get into their apps faster more than 100 million times. With VPS launch and other improvements made since, Meta has seen a 50% reduction in Boundary Not Found events for those people who use VPS.


How to make sure your quest uses VPS

Meta explains how VPS works in the blog post:

VPS enhances your headset’s ability to understand its position within a space by extending your Quest’s inside-out tracking with cloud storage and computing power. VPS creates more accurate and more robust spatial maps, making it more resilient to changes like lighting variations between day and night, changing clutter, and more.


To benefit from VPS, "Point Cloud Data Sharing" must be enabled in the Quest settings. It is located under Settings > Privacy and Safety > Device Permissions > Share Point Cloud Data. To delete your backed-up point clouds go to Settings > Privacy and Safety > Device Permissions > Delete Shared Storage.

VPS could be part of something bigger

Meta introduced VPS at the end of 2023 with Quest update v60. At that time, Meta did not yet announce a name for this feature. The fact that it is now officially introducing the cloud service and giving it a name could indicate that it has more in mind with it.

VPS could become a requirement for Augments and other mixed reality features of the Quest, and could even one day help Meta's upcoming AR glasses navigate the world.

The name is reminiscent of cloud-based augmented reality cloud services from Google and Niantic, which are also called Visual Positioning System.

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