Videos showcase new Augments, a coming Quest 3 exclusive feature

Videos showcase new Augments, a coming Quest 3 exclusive feature

Two videos showcase new examples of Augments, an exclusive Quest 3 feature coming this year.


Twitter user Luna, known for finding interesting things about Quest, uploaded the videos to Twitter. "Haven't seen this around and I'm not sure if it has been published widely/publicly yet," Luna writes.

The two videos show a tabletop pinball mini-game, a wall-mounted calendar, and an app that reminds users to water houseplants. It is not clear from the videos whether these examples are purely illustrative or upcoming augments.


Augments are the AR equivalent of widgets. Meta describes them as interactive digital objects that Quest 3 users can permanently anchor in space. The feature was announced at Meta Connect 2023 last October. It is slated to be released this year.

Meta describes Augments as follows:


"Imagine hanging your favorite piece of art on an accent wall or a weather augment on your desk that alerts you before rain starts—and every time you put on your headset, these digital objects appear in the same places. You’ll be able to customize your space with augments like Instagram Reels, frames on your wall that show photos or videos from Facebook or Instagram, and portals that let you quickly jump back into your favorite immersive VR games."

A closed beta test of the feature is currently underway, and developers can sign up online.


Mini-apps that are always found in the same place when you put on your VR headset or AR glasses, and are quick and easy to use, are an old concept in augmented reality that will be further explored and fleshed out in Quest 3.

The examples shown illustrate the direction in which the first augments could develop. In the longer term, they have the potential to add another useful component to headsets, even if the first examples seem gimmicky.