Meta Quest finally gets a travel mode

Meta Quest finally gets a travel mode

Meta introduces an experimental travel mode for Quest 2 and Quest 3, initially supporting only airplanes.

The two Quest headsets can now be used normally on airplanes without any negative effect on the tracking. Meta writes that it tuned the algorithms to account for the motion of an airplane, so you should have a stable and consistent experience now, even when looking out the window. Something Apple Vision Pro still has problems with.

On planes equipped with Wi-Fi and a selection of movies and shows, Quest should allow you to access and watch that content via a browser on a virtual screen. Of course, you can also access the Quest app library and play VR and MR games.

Currently, the travel mode is only optimized for use on airplanes. Meta plans to add support for other modes of transportation such as trains at a later date. Hopefully, cars and buses as well.

To access Travel Mode, you must have system software update 65 installed and restart the headset at least once. You can then enable the option under Settings > Experimental Features. Travel Mode can then be toggled on and off in the Quick Settings. Travel Mode only supports Quest 2 and Quest 3, not Quest Pro.


Partnership with Flughansa

Meta also announced a partnership with Lufthansa. Meta writes:

"Together, we’ll outfit selected flights for customers of the new Lufthansa Allegris Business Class Suite with a variety of custom, dedicated MR content spanning entertainment, travel, wellness, games, and more—all designed to run on Quest 3 in Travel Mode. Meta Business Partner will create content and provide device setup, distribution, management, and technical support, in close collaboration with Meta and Lufthansa. This is a watershed moment for the broader industry: the first time an airline will offer access to Quest 3 headsets in a commercial in-flight setting."

For more information, read the announcement on the Meta Quest blog.