Meta works on Spatial Video support for Quest

Meta works on Spatial Video support for Quest

Watching Spatial Videos on Meta Quest may soon be a lot easier. Code strings found in the Meta Quest app indicate that Meta is working on an import feature.


The Twitter account M1, which specializes in Vision Pro news, reports that strings of code have been found in the iOS version of the Meta Quest app that point to upcoming Spatial Video support:

  • "Immerse yourself in your favourite memories by uploading videos on the Meta Quest app."
  • "Enable spatial video in your camera settings. {link}"
  • "Upload spatial video"
  • "Spatial video ready"

Based on these and other lines of code, we can speculate on how importing spatial video into Quest might work. Users will be able to upload the spatial videos stored on their iPhone to Meta's cloud servers via the Meta Quest app and then stream them inside their Quest headset, provided there is an internet connection.

Please note that it is not possible to conclude from these code findings, whether, when, and in what form support for spatial video will come.


The execution matters

Spatial Video is Apple's marketing term for traditional stereoscopic video in a rectangular format. Currently, only the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) can record Spatial Videos.

The videos are intended to be viewed with Vision Pro, but can be converted to a compatible format and viewed on Meta Quest. Read my detailed guide on how to watch Spatial Videos on Meta Quest if you want to try this yourself.

Official Spatial Video support from Meta would be welcome, as it would minimize the barriers to viewing this kind of footage. The question is how to implement it. I would prefer to be able to load the videos onto the Quest headset rather than having them stored in a cloud. But let's wait and see if and what Meta announces in this direction.