Meta Quest gift cards coming to UK, Canada, France & more

Meta Quest gift cards coming to UK, Canada, France & more

You can now give away official gift cards for the Meta Quest Store outside of the USA. However, they are not valid for VR headsets.

Meta has launched its digital gift cards – Meta Quest Gift Cards – in international markets. After launching in the U.S. last October, the gift cards are now available in Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Japan, France, and Germany. In the US, Meta is offering a 15 percent discount on any Quest Gift Card until June 29.

Gift cards valid for VR-Apps only

The launch of the gift cards comes just a few months after hints of the feature appeared in Meta's terms of service and in the app's code. Users can now purchase the Quest Gift Card on Meta's website for between 15 and 100 US-Dollars.

Those who want to give their loved ones a small amount of money for the recently announced Meta Quest 3 mobile VR headset will have to find another way. The Meta Gift Cards can only be redeemed for content, like VR apps and VR games. The gift cards are not valid for hardware such as Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro.


Meta Quest Gift Cards: Unlimited validity

Gift cards are emailed to the recipient and have no expiration date. You can redeem the value of the card at any time for any paid application in the Quest Store. Previously, you could only give away specific titles, not a gift card with a specific value.

In addition, Meta is ensuring that games purchased with gift cards are transferable between headsets. This means that games purchased on the Quest 2 can be played on the Quest 3.

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