Meta introduces Quest Store gift cards

Meta introduces Quest Store gift cards

Meta is planning gift cards for its in-house Quest Store. Will they arrive in time for the holiday shopping season?

Gift cards are the ideal gift for the indecisive. Gift cards for virtual retailers have long since established themselves at the checkouts of supermarkets and gas stations, securing their place alongside candy.

Almost every well-known online retailer, app store, or game store hangs its copy on the shelves: Amazon, Zalando, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Google, and, more recently, Apple. Now Meta also wants to enter the market for electronic gift cards specifically for its Quest Store.

Gift cards: a lucrative business

For retailers, gift cards are an important marketing tool. The coupons on display generate visibility for their own brand in supermarkets and gas stations. These are places that are heavily frequented in everyday life but otherwise offer little advertising potential for online stores.

They also promote and increase sales among established customers. According to one study, 59 percent of gift card redeeming customers make purchases for a value that exceeds the voucher amount. Meanwhile, 76 percent of adults purchased at least one gift card during their holiday shopping. No wonder Meta doesn't want to miss out on the gift card business.

Meta Quest Store Gift Cards show up in terms of use

There is no official announcement about the Meta Quest Gift Cards yet. However, they have recently appeared in Meta's website terms of use and in the app's code, as the following tweet shows.

The terms of use for the gift cards describe all the classic functions of one. With the card, you load credits to your Meta account for use in the Meta Quest Store.

There, you can then pay for paid content for Meta Quest 2 or upcoming Meta VR headsets like the Meta Quest Pro coming in October. The gift cards are not reloadable.

Meta Quest Store Gift Cards only in the USA for now

Currently, the Meta Quest Gift Cards are intended exclusively for the US market. It is not known whether Meta will introduce them outside the US, and the timing also remains open.

It is possible that Meta will release more information about the Gift Cards on October 11, when Meta Connect 2022 takes place. What else you can expect from the most important Metaverse event of the year, you can read here.

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