Meta Quest: Dungeons of Eternity introduces powerful Two-Handed Swords and Nightmare Mode

Meta Quest: Dungeons of Eternity introduces powerful Two-Handed Swords and Nightmare Mode

Two-handed swords, eight languages, nightmare mode — the next major update to Dungeons of Eternity is on its way.


After the last developer update, the Othergate team is working hard on new content for the VR game Dungeons of Eternity. According to the studio, the upcoming updates will include various requested features and improvements. Among the most important new features are two-handed swords that can be carried on the back and deal the highest damage of all weapon types. With a two-handed swing, enemies can be knocked back in the same way as with a shield bash.

Dungeons of Eternity will soon be available in eight languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish for Spain and Latin America. The maximum player level will be increased to 60 and an additional difficulty level called “Nightmare” will be introduced. In this level, the Last Chance feature is disabled, making solo play even more challenging.

Over 25 additional rooms, including trap and dark rooms, will be added to the existing dungeons. In the future, you will no longer know where certain loot is located, as it will be randomly distributed throughout the dungeon. In addition to bug fixes, improvements, and balance tweaks, a new enemy will be introduced. The development team will soon begin testing the Spring Update and will release it shortly thereafter. While testing, the team is already working on the next updates.


More new content promised for co-op dungeon crawler

Dungeons of Eternity features classic weapon combat in randomly generated dungeons. The dungeons consist of around 100 different chambers, with enemies, puzzles, traps, and secrets.

Developed by former Oculus developers, the game has been available for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro since October 2023. With over 1,100 reviews and nearly five stars, it is one of the most popular VR games on the platform. The successful co-op mode is especially popular with fans.


Othergate has already announced an extensive roadmap of new content until 2024. This includes new monsters, weapon styles, cosmetics, dungeon chambers and surprises for the community. Additional difficulty levels, an offline mode, achievements, endgame expansions, and new quests and challenges will follow at a later date.

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