Meta Quest 3: VR game Hubris becomes even more beautiful

Meta Quest 3: VR game Hubris becomes even more beautiful

The already stunning VR game Hubris will be even more beautiful on Meta Quest 3 thanks to a graphics update.

Developed by Belgian studio Cyborn BV, Hubris is considered one of the most graphically impressive VR games. For the Quest 3 version of the action adventure, developers have now announced an update that gives the game another significant graphical boost.

Hubris becomes an eye-catcher on Quest 3

Hubris is a linear story shooter in which you have to solve small puzzles, swim through water or master climbing passages in addition to the shooting action. Although Hubris was rarely convincing in our review, the graphics are a feast for the eyes – especially for PSVR 2 and PC VR.

No wonder because before Hubris, Cyborn was mainly known for its movie animations and 3D scans. Impressive panoramas, beautifully reflective lakes, and detailed rock and crystal walls surround you after you crash-land on an alien planet.

In Meta Quest 2, Hubris lost some of its graphical edge, as the mobile VR headset could not keep up with the performance of PC VR headsets or the Playstation VR 2. With the much more powerful Quest 3, Hubris becomes an eye-catcher on mobile VR headsets for the first time.


Hubris comparison video

In a comparison video, the Cyborn team shows the graphical differences between Quest 2 and Quest 3. Double the resolution, higher frame rate, higher resolution textures, improved lighting and anisotropic filtering are just a few of the improvements.

According to Cyborn, Hubris reaches 2,064 × 2,208 pixels per eye on Quest 3, while the game only managed 980 × 1,152 pixels on Quest 2 at times.

By the way, you still don't have to keep much memory free on your headset. The free update only increases the total size of the VR game slightly to just over 8 gigabytes.

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