Razer is now offering official accessories for Quest 3, and they are expensive

Razer is now offering official accessories for Quest 3, and they are expensive

You can now purchase an official Razer facial interface and head strap for the Quest 3, but they don't come cheap.


Razer already released official VR accessories for Quest 2 in 2023, and now the Quest 3 counterpart is following suit.

The product goes by the unwieldy name "Razer Facial Interface and Adjustable Head Strap System for Meta Quest 3" and is authorized by Meta. It consists of two items that can be purchased separately or together.

Razer describes the product as follows:

Extend your VR gameplay and experience endless immersion with your Meta Quest headset. Designed for long-lasting comfort and seamless support, our VR accessories line is officially Made for Meta and created in collaboration with ResMed – human factors experts with over 30 years of experience.

The facial interface weighs 90 grams and consists of a black, glossy polycarbonate chassis, a light shield for the nose and a silicone foam cushion made of hypoallergenic material that reduces skin irritation and is easy to clean.

The head strap weighs 70 grams and is made of nylon textile material, adjustable and designed for optimal weight distribution. It is compatible with the official Quest 3 charging dock.


The two items cost $70 each or $140 when purchased together.

More information can be found on Razer's product page.


Same price as Meta's Quest 3 Elite Strap

For comparison, I measured the weight of Meta's facial interface and standard head strap. The former weighs 67 grams, the latter 61 grams. At 160 grams, the Razer accessory is slightly heavier than Meta's (128 grams).

In terms of price, Razer competes with Meta's Elite Strap without battery, which also costs $70, but weighs considerably more at 183 grams. A review will have to show the pros and cons of Razer's Head Strap.