Razer announces accessories for more Quest 2 comfort and hygiene

Razer announces accessories for more Quest 2 comfort and hygiene

Razer announces a head mount and headset insert for Meta Quest 2 designed for comfort and long gaming sessions.

The US manufacturer of PC gaming accessories is getting into the VR business. At CES 2023, Razer announced two products for Meta's leading VR headset.

Billion-dollar California-based Resmed, which specializes in making ergonomic medical devices, helped develop the accessories.

"With a design approach driven by billions of hours of data, ResMed’s deep understanding of materials, geometry, and skin science informs every aspect of the products’ creation," the press release states.

Play longer and more comfortably with Meta Quest 2

Razer describes the head mount as being designed for long-lasting comfort and weight-balanced support, and having been created with all head shapes in mind. They also say that the high-performance nylon material provides reliability, comfort, and durability, and that the optimized weight distribution allows for more balance during active gameplay.

Additionally, Razer mentions that the soft adjustable straps will help gamers find their perfect fit and that the quick slip-on design ensures little interruption in resuming gameplay.


Razers Headset-Einlage, über einem Boden schwebend und von Rauchschwaden umgeben.

Razer's headset insert including padding. | Image: Razer

The second accessory is a headset insert with special padding that provides more comfort and support. It uses "medical-grade, hypoallergenic materials" to reduce skin irritation. Razer says it also prevents light from outside the headset from entering, which improves immersion but also provides better ventilation. The crevice-free surface allows for better hygiene and easier cleaning.

Razer does not name prices yet

The accessory will launch in the first quarter of 2023 in the US and is expected to be released in additional regions after that. Razer does not mention the prices yet. More pictures and information are available on the official website, as well as the option to be informed about the launch via e-mail.

A market for Meta Quest 2 accessories has emerged in the past few years, and there are now several manufacturers that offer head mounts and headset inserts for the VR headset. A test will have to show whether and what added value Razer's products bring.