Meta Quest 3: Mixed Reality game Snow Worlds brings snow chaos to your living room

Meta Quest 3: Mixed Reality game Snow Worlds brings snow chaos to your living room

A new mixed reality game for Meta Quest is coming in May that will turn your living room into a wintry battlefield.


Next month, 2Sync plans to release its next mixed reality game called Snow Worlds for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. In this game, you have to protect your own living room from attacks by various creatures. To accomplish this, the game scans your room and marks your furniture. Then it transforms them into different matching objects and small creatures attack your surrounings.

To defend yourself, you have several tools at your disposal, such as a snow cannon or a flashlight, which you can use to peer into a snowy virtual world. Use the snow cannon to suck up ice and snow and fire snowballs at attackers.

As the game progresses, you will enter the snowy world through portals and fight enemies until you complete the level. You then return to your four walls, seamlessly transitioning from virtual reality to mixed reality. A multiplayer mode allows you to defend your living room with friends.


2Sync SDK turns Homes into Mixed Reality Worlds

In addition to Snow Worlds, Berlin-based startup 2Sync also developed House Defender. Both titles use the mixed reality capabilities of Quest headsets to turn furniture and furnishings into interactive elements of the game world. In House Defender, your own home becomes a spooky graveyard where you have to fend off monsters.

Snow Worlds and House Defender demonstrate the power of the technology developed by 2Sync. The company's SDK enables developers to create room-independent VR experiences that incorporate real-world objects and environments to deliver a new level of immersion and interactivity.



Snow Worlds shows what's possible with mixed reality

I had the opportunity to play Snow Worlds before its release. Since I had not yet completely scanned my living room with my Quest 3, the game asked me to do so right at the beginning. I had to meticulously scan not only the actual playing area, but also all the furnishings so that I wouldn't have any problems later in the game.

Then I started my first round to see what awaited me in Snow World. Since my room is really lined with cabinets and other furniture, and the only free wall is a large passageway to the kitchen, I quickly noticed some small issues. The first attackers came from behind my desk, where I had little chance to defend myself. My only option was to crawl under the table, use the flashlight to illuminate the passage into the virtual world, and then shoot the first creature through a small gap.

After some initial difficulties with my rather crowded room, I was able to get into the game quite well. A few creatures later, half of my equipment was no longer in the best condition. Since I could only test Snow Worlds by myself, I quickly realized that the overview was one of the biggest problems for me. With a few friends to keep an eye on the other walls of the room, defense would have been a lot easier. All in all, though, I had a lot of fun with Snow Worlds and will definitely try it again with friends.

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