Meta Quest 3: Increased file size for optimized VR games also affects Quest 2 users

Meta Quest 3: Increased file size for optimized VR games also affects Quest 2 users

VR games optimized for Quest 3 are getting bigger, even on Meta Quest 2. But there are no benefits for players on Metas previous headset.

Meta Quest 3, which was officially released yesterday, is backwards compatible just like its predecessor. This means that all VR games available in the Quest Store are playable on both VR headsets.

However, since Meta's latest headset is much more powerful, many studios are optimizing their VR games for Quest 3, which poses a problem for Quest 2 users: The file sizes of some optimized VR games also increase for Quest 2 versions without providing any graphical benefits.

Technical hurdles cause storage bottleneck

According to UploadVR, several developers have reported an increase in file size for Quest 2 versions. For games like Red Matter 2 and Espire 2, the required disk space increases from 5.6 GB to 9.1 GB and from 7 GB to 12 GB, respectively. Cyborn BV states that the optimized Quest 3 version of Hubris will require just over 8 GB (previously 5.19 GB).

Vertical Robot (Red Matter 1 and 2) and Guy Godin, developer of Virtual Desktop, confirmed that there is currently no reasonable way to provide separate APKs for different Quest headsets.


Official solution announced by Meta

According to Myron Games CEO Tommy Maloteaux, it would be possible to use separate packages, but this method would be inconvenient and could easily lead to errors. So Quest 2 players will have to live with increased file size requirements for their favorite games – at least for now.

In fact, Meta announced an official solution back in January and confirmed to UploadVR recently that there will be an option for different builds, as there was for the jump from Quest 1 to Quest 2. But when this will be introduced remains open.

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