Meta Quest 2: Wands Alliances looks like a great 3v3 spellcasting game

Meta Quest 2: Wands Alliances looks like a great 3v3 spellcasting game

Wands, one of the first commercial VR games, makes a comeback with Meta Quest 2 as Wands Alliances.

The competitive arena-battling game came out in 2016 for Samsung Gear VR and in the following years for almost all VR glasses. Wands features fast-paced duels from a first-person perspective. Instead of guns or swords, you fight with wands. Battle mages equip the utensil with deadly spells, which they unlock bit by bit and thus individualize their fighting style. Leaderboards motivate players to compete with each other.

Magical wizard skirmish

Now the studio Cortopia has announced a spiritual successor. In Wands Alliances, you no longer play alone: Here, two teams of three (3 vs. 3) compete against each other. The setting is London in the Victorian era.

"Players will need to strategically plan their loadouts and tactically utilize their play space and covers to achieve victory against their opponents," the announcement reads. "We are very proud of what we have achieved with Wands, and wanted to build something that expanded on the original franchise and presented a new challenge for aspiring wielders."


Exclusive to Meta Quest 2

The studio isn't revealing much more about the VR game, and currently, there's only a short teaser with no gameplay scenes to be seen. More information will follow in the months leading up to the release, which is set for the first half of 2022. You can sign up for a newsletter on the official website. If Cortopia shows first images and gameplay clips, I will update this article.

Wands Alliances is released for Meta Quest 2, the Oculus Quest 1 is not supported. The publisher is Beyond Frames (Down the Rabbit Hole, Spacefolk City).

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