Meta Quest 2: Update v57 is rolling out now

Meta Quest 2: Update v57 is rolling out now

Firmware Update v57 is on its way, bringing more avatar customization options, free teleportation in Horizon Home, and more.

The update began rolling out to Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro on September 11, 2023. As usual, it may take up to a week or more for the update to reach all devices.

Compared to Update 56, the new firmware is a minor one. The avatar legs and travel mode teased in the PTC-Update 57 are not included. Too bad! Perhaps these features will come in October with the release of Meta Quest 3.

Improved Avatar Editor

The avatar editor gets more customization options. You can now adjust hair and eyebrow color and skin tone, as well as add makeup and face paint. This improvement will be rolled out gradually to users.

Free teleporting in Horizon Home

Teleporting to predetermined locations is a thing of the past. You can now teleport freely around the Home environment. But Meta, why not allow smooth locomotion for those who prefer it?

You teleport with the controller by pushing the analog stick forward. You can also teleport via hand tracking by bringing your fore finger and thumb together in a pinch gesture.

Mixed reality apps without Guardian

Some mixed reality apps will no longer trigger a boundary alert when you approach or cross the boundary area, so the experience is no longer interrupted by the Guardian system. When you launch the app, you'll get a notification that the boundary is turned off.

Horizon Feed

The Explore tab will be replaced by the Horizon Feed, where you can access Horizon Worlds content, games and applications, other entertainment options, and social features. The Horizon Feed will be rolled out first to Quest headsets and then to the Meta Quest app.

Meta Horizon group links

Meta makes it easy to invite friends to join a group. You can now create links to your group and share it in VR or send it to friends via messaging apps of your choice. You can now also invite your group into an app from the People tab. When you invite a group from an app, the invitation also appears in the group chat, so everyone can see it and easily join.

Unsend image messages

You can now undo image messages in VR and the Meta Quest app by hovering over a message, tapping it, and selecting "Unsend". The recipient will see a notification that the message was unsent.


The feature only works in the following countries so far: Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the US.

New tutorial for Direct Touch

Direct Touch has been added to the hand tracking tutorial. Direct Touch is the feature that allows you to control interfaces like touch displays. You can also find the tutorial in the Guide app.

Improved multitasking

You can now use multiple apps simultaneously in a near and far configuration, allowing you to interact with your hands or controllers. To switch between views, select switch view from the quick settings panel.

Other changes

When you turn on your Meta Quest headset, your contact list opens automatically. This makes it easy to chat and meet up with your friends in VR. You can open your contact list at any time from the People tab.

You can now set a default option to include or not include microphone audio when recording video.

Meta removed a casting feature from the Meta Quest mobile app on iPhone which allowed you to simultaneously capture your VR experience and your real-life experience using your phone camera

You can read the full release notes for Update 57 in the Meta Quest Release Notes.

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