Meta Quest 2 now automatically updates and offers better hand tracking

Meta Quest 2 now automatically updates and offers better hand tracking

Update 56 is on its way, making hand tracking in Quest 2 and Quest Pro more accurate. It also includes two long-awaited features that will make life easier for Quest users.

Meta has announced that the new software update for Meta Quest headsets, Update v56, has been rolling out since July 20. As usual, users will be able to enjoy the new features gradually. The feature list includes Hand Tracking 2.2, Facebook livestreaming, free button mapping for Touch Controllers, and automatic update of apps in sleep mode.

Improved Hand Tracking 2.2

The main feature of this update is an improvement to quest hand tracking. Introduced with v56, Hand Tracking 2.2 aims to improve response times. Latency reductions of up to 40 percent in typical use and up to 75 percent in fast motion are promised.

In addition, improvements have been made to make action-packed games more responsive. Users can try out Hand Tracking 2.2 in the new demo app "Move Fast" or in fitness games like Litesport and VR Workout. These motion-intensive games allow for VR fitness without a controller.

Livestreaming to Facebook

Due to reportedly high demand, Meta is bringing back livestreaming from Quest headsets to Facebook. The feature allows you to share your VR experience in real-time with friends on Facebook. You'll also have access to live chat during the broadcast. A window will appear at the edge of your field of view.

You will need to pair a Facebook account with your Meta account in the Account Center. This feature is being rolled out in phases and will not be available to everyone at this time.

New connection options

Meta has also made improvements to chats and parties. Starting a call automatically creates a chat thread with all invited members. Calls can also be started directly from 1:1 or group chats.

Live captions in different languages

Live captions are designed to improve the user experience, especially for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. For now, they are only available in the Meta Quest TV app, the Explore section, and the Quest Store in VR, where they convert spoken words to text.

You can enable closed captioning in the "Accessibility" section of the "Hearing" preferences. The captions will be available in several languages, but Meta has not yet revealed which ones.


Re-mapping of the controller buttons

Also in the Accessibility settings is the ability to customize the button assignments on the controllers. With the v56 update, you can swap the functions of some buttons or create custom button layouts.

Automatic updates while charging

The latest update brings a long-overdue convenience feature to Quest headsets: automatic download of updates. From now on, your VR headset will automatically turn on when updates are available and install them.

This feature only works when the headset is connected to the charger in standby mode and applies to apps in your library, system updates, and cloud backups. If you put on the VR headset while charging and an update is being downloaded, you will receive a notification.

Local Dimming for Quest Pro

Quest Pro users can now enable system-wide local dimming to improve contrast. The Quest Pro uses its mini-LED backlight to make darker areas darker without affecting the brightness of other areas. You can find this feature in the experimental settings.

Meta Quest Swipe Keyboard

With the v56 update, Meta brings a swipe keyboard to Quest 2 and Quest Pro. This allows you to enter text by swiping across a virtual keyboard, similar to a smartphone. How well the swipe keyboard works for Meta Quest was tested by our colleague Alan in the linked article.

Other improvements

  • A new option lets you choose whether to enable microphone audio by default when recording video
  • Notification features have been reworked
  • New low battery warning
  • Battery status is now displayed even when the headset is off.

Full release notes

As always, the full patch notes for Update 56 can be found on the Meta Quest website.

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