Meta Quest 2: This potential VR hit finally has a release date

Meta Quest 2: This potential VR hit finally has a release date

An Austrian development studio could deliver a VR hit with its debut work. The release is imminent.

It's one of the top-rated VR games in the Meta App Lab, and has garnered tons of early praise since the demo was released: We Are One. Now the VR puzzle shooter from the young Austrian team Flat Head Studio is finally ready. According to publisher Fast Travel Games, the full version will be released on June 1, 2023 and will cost just under 20 US-Dollars.

Time Loop Puzzler Coming to Quest and PC VR.

In addition to the version for Meta Quest 2, a PC VR version is also planned. A free demo can be downloaded from SteamVR. The App Lab demo may be temporarily unavailable during the migration to the official Quest Store.

At Gamescom 2022, We Are One was our VR highlight. The VR game is bursting with creativity and brings an interesting twist to the charming comic world: a time loop mechanic where you must form your own clones into a team.

You'll be part of an army of offspring that will help Mother Nature fight pests and evil machines. The actions you perform in the first time loop will be repeated by your clone in the next time loop at the same place and time, while you are already acting at the next fixed point.


Mother Nature and her VR offspring fight back

Since you won't have access to weapons and ammo at every point, you'll have to work your way around. In the first step, for example, you will only be able to reach an empty weapon. The ammo will be at the next checkpoint.

So to shoot the enemy from there, you have to plan ahead and throw the weapon at the right time and angle to where you will appear in the next time loop.

In this way, you form a sort of human chain across multiple time loops to defeat enemies and solve puzzles. We Are One feels like a multiplayer experience for single players. The full version should contain more than 50 levels with varied puzzles.

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