Meta Quest 2: New update brings better video options

Meta Quest 2: New update brings better video options

Quest 2 update 44 is rolling out, bringing more settings for video recording as well as new security features.

The latest firmware update is rolling out to Quest 2 owners in a staggered manner starting September 19. As usual, it can take up to a week or more for the update to reach all users.

You can check the current firmware version of your Meta Quest 2 under Settings > System > Software Update.

If an update is ready to be installed, the option will appear in the same window. Don't worry, a manual installation is usually not necessary, as the system usually installs updates automatically after they roll out to the device.

Let's move on to the new features and improvements in Update 44.

More options for Quest 2 video recording

Youtubers and anyone else who likes to record VR gameplay have reason to rejoice. Update 44 brings expanded settings for video recording. Activate these under Settings > Experimental. After that, they appear under Settings > System > Camera. The advanced video settings were previously reserved for developers.

The new options are:

  • Image stabilization: Set how much the headset's movements are reduced in videos (Off/Low/Medium/High).
    • As image stabilization increases, the field of view decreases.
  • Aspect Ratio: Choose the default format and resolution for photos and videos. The options are:
    • Rectangular: 1,024 x 1,024 pixels
    • Wide format: 1,920 x 1,080 pixels (New)
    • Portrait: 1,080 x 1,920 pixels (New)
  • Frame Rate: Choose the default frame rate for videos (24 or 36 FPS).
    • Higher frame rates can affect the performance of the app.
  • Video compression quality: Choose the default bitrate for videos (5/10/15/20 Mbps).
    • Higher bitrates improve video quality, but also increase file size.

The following video shows the difference in aspect ratios:


New control function for parents

Meta brought control features for guardians in Update 41 and 42. Update 44 also adds a control feature.

Parents can now block the developer mode. With developer mode enabled, it is possible to install VR apps on the Meta Quest 2 outside of offerings in the official the Oculus Store (see sideloading guide). The new control feature closes this loophole, preventing children and teens from installing and using programs that are not appropriate for them.

Improved app blocking

With Update 41, Meta brought the ability to add a lock pattern to individual VR apps to prevent third-party users from launching them. The option can be found under Settings > Security. You can also select the stacked dots icon in the lower right corner of an app's thumbnail image to open a mini menu that includes a "lock" option.

Update 44 brings two improvements that make this feature easier to use. First, you can now lock multiple VR apps with the same lock pattern, and second, you can now automatically lock VR apps according to their age rating.

You can read the full release notes for Update 44 in the Meta Quest Release Notes. Set the English language version at the bottom of the page to access the text.

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