Meta Quest 2: Fitness app teaches you how to box in virtual reality

Meta Quest 2: Fitness app teaches you how to box in virtual reality

A former world champion and Olympic gold medalist trains you to box in virtual reality. What does the VR workout plan look like?

With “Box Like A Pro”, the VR fitness app FitXR introduces the first comprehensive virtual reality boxing course with a professional trainer. Participants will create routines, develop proper technique, and improve strength and speed. The VR class is led by former British world boxing champion and two-time Olympic gold medalist Nicola Adams.

Virtual reality boxing course for proper technique

The training plan is divided into two phases, each with four courses that last between eight and twelve minutes. The first phase teaches six basic techniques such as the jab, cross, hook, and uppercut.

In the second phase, you'll move closer to defensive work, dealing with blocks, ducks, slips, and counterpunches. Each phase will conclude with a review and combo based on the techniques learned.

FitXR: Full VR Gym by Subscription

Aimed primarily at beginners, Box Like A Pro is part of FitXR's paid subscription program. The VR fitness app offers several VR classes in dance, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), boxing, sculpting, and mixed martial arts.


There are also warm-up and cool-down programs tailored to each workout. Virtual avatars of real-life fitness coaches guide you through each workout, providing instruction and motivation.

FitXR's developers use artificial intelligence to optimize VR training. The range of classes, virtual workout rooms and even the soundtrack are being expanded on a regular basis. FitXR is available exclusively for Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro in the US. In the UK, EU and Asia FitXR is also available on Pico headsets.

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