Meta brings Quest Pro user interface improvements to Quest 2

Meta brings Quest Pro user interface improvements to Quest 2

Meta Quest Pro has a spruced-up user interface coming soon to Meta Quest 2.

Meta has partially redesigned and refreshed the system interface specifically for Meta Quest Pro (info).

"The Quest interface has undergone a redesign and refresh for the Meta Quest Pro. You'll notice an ambient color palette, smoother animations and curves, more responsive controls, and easier-to-read type," Meta writes.

The good news for Meta Quest 2 (review) users is that these improvements are rolling out to the consumer headset later this year.

Meta Quest Pro went on sale October 25 and has also recently been listed in the Meta Quest Release Notes, the website where Meta documents software updates for Meta Quest 1 & 2, the Rift platform, and Oculus Go. Meta Quest Pro appears there under a new, separately listed headset category.

Quest Pro as a working device

From this, one could conclude that there will be more updates specifically for Meta Quest Pro in the future. This makes sense. Meta Quest Pro has a different application intent and a different target group with specific requirements, which the headset's operating system currently does not take into account in any way. The OS is currently identical to that of the Meta Quest 2 game console.

If Meta has its way, Quest Pro should become a work computer capable of replacing laptops in the next few years and hardware generations. Critics agree that the device still has a way to go before that happens. To realize this vision, VR versions of the corresponding productive apps are needed on the one hand and full multitasking on the other. This will require drastic developments in the operating system.


Currently, it is not even possible to start your VR office directly. For this, you first have to open Horizon Workrooms, which is one VR app among many. And that is just one example.

A difficult balancing act

According to rumors, Meta is working on a new interface that is more suitable for work and will bring better multitasking. Meta Quest Pro has twice as much memory as Meta Quest 2, which opens up new possibilities. For example, it is possible to use the browser without having to close the active VR app. A (small) step in the right direction.

Meta Quest Pro is not a finished product, but rather an experimental platform for hardware and software that Meta can roll out for the cheaper consumer version when it matures and demand is high enough.

Meta will have to do the splits here. On the one hand, bring new, time-exclusive features to Quest Pro and its specific clientele (enterprise, professional). On the other hand, prevent fragmentation of the Quest OS by ensuring consistent features across all Quest headsets. Fragmentation, as it exists today between Meta Quest and the largely abandoned Rift platform, would be fatal.

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