VR multiplayer Mannequin delivers thrills on Meta Quest 3 with a brilliant idea

VR multiplayer Mannequin delivers thrills on Meta Quest 3 with a brilliant idea

The online multiplayer VR game Mannequin could be a hit for Fast Travel Games. Find out why in my preview.

Gamescom 2023 was some time ago, but one VR game has stayed with me ever since: Mannequin. At the stand of VR publisher Fast Travel Games, I was able to try out a few rounds of the multiplayer game with the ingenious gimmick. Today, Mannequin launches in Early Access for Meta Quest. Find out what you can expect in this preview.

What is Mannequin?

Shortly before Gamescom 2023, Fast Travel Games teased an unknown VR game. The publisher was cryptic. However, all the facts are now known. “Mannequin” is set to be released later this year for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and PC VR. The originally planned implementation for Playstation VR 2 appears to be on hold. There is currently no information about the release on Sony's VR headset.

The plot, like many PvP multiplayer titles, is quickly explained. In an undefined future, the world is infiltrated by aliens and mysterious incidents are occurring. As all attempts to contact the aliens fail, humans send in rescue squads to eliminate the threat once and for all.

The PvP games are designed for up to five players, who must side with the aliens or the military rescue forces and defeat their opponents. So far, so unspectacular.

What makes Mannequin different?

What sets Mannequin apart from other multiplayer titles are the special abilities of the aliens. In the levels you play in Mannequin, time has stopped. Anyone who moved there was frozen from one second to the next. So the environment is full of frozen people.

The Gamescom map was a research station full of frozen scientists. As an alien, I can turn into a frozen person at any time by pressing a button and thus become virtually invisible to my opponents.


At the same time, a single touch is enough to freeze and defeat soldiers as well. The result is a clever game of hide-and-seek that quickly becomes a thrill, especially for the human faction. Between all the frozen figures, as a soldier, I never quite know whether I'm dealing with a harmless human or a belligerent alien.

Human vs. Alien in VR

As a human, I have a scanner that unmasks my opponents. But it only works when I approach the "disguised" alien. So I cautiously creep through the winding environment, my gaze nervously shifting between my scanner and the many people around me.

When I am sure that I have unmasked one of the creatures, I attack. However, there are deductions in the B grade for accidentally killing people. While as a soldier, I have to press a button to turn my scanner into a weapon, as an alien, a single touch is enough for victory.

In addition, I can use a kind of fast teleportation, similar to the one in Vampire: The Masquerade — Justice. This dash allows me to glide through anything human in front of me. I even manage to take out several soldiers at once, just before I'm spotted.

Mannequin has a lot of potential

Mannequin is a very good example of game design that works perfectly in virtual reality. The thrill comes from the fact that I am actually moving between potential aliens in virtual space. Basically, it's hide-and-seek for adults in sci-fi costumes.

My hour-long play session with the developers left me wanting more. Especially on the alien side, there's an almost thieving joy in pouncing on enemies out of nowhere. Soldiers thrive on the ever-present excitement of the unknown. If the current early access phase goes well, we are in for a real VR multiplayer hit.