Mannequin launches on Quest 3: Here's how the stealth VR multiplayer works

Mannequin launches on Quest 3: Here's how the stealth VR multiplayer works

Mannequin, one of the most promising VR multiplayer titles of recent months, launches today in Early Access. Here is everything you need to know about the release.

Mannequin, a VR game developed by Fast Travel Games, was unveiled behind closed doors at last year's Gamescom. My detailed preview of Mannequin's gameplay can be found in the linked article. Below you will find all the important information about the game and its rules.

Mannequin: All the facts about the VR game

Mannequin is a VR multiplayer game for two to five players with a focus on stealth gameplay. There is no single player campaign.

You can currently play the early access version of Mannequin via the App Lab in the Meta Horizon Store. The price is $20. A release on Steam will follow soon, with a full version planned for the end of the year. Although originally announced, there are currently no concrete plans for a PSVR 2 release.

Plot: What is Mannequin about?

The developers describe the plot as follows:

"Earth is reeling from the sudden appearance of enormous alien vessels and strange, crystal-like structures across the globe. These crystals have frozen the surrounding areas in time, prompting teams of first responders to investigate. They discover that crystals hold an  normous source of energy; power which could potentially be extracted to tackle earth's energy crisis.

As extraction attempts begin, supernatural entities emerge, freezing first responders in place with a single touch. These aliens are even able to mimic the appearance of humans, posing and then shape-shifting to blend in amongst their victims. This earns them the codename,  Mannequins. The Mannequins’ true intentions are a mystery to mankind. Descending into crisis, humanity dispatches special agents fitted with advanced weaponry that can scan for a Mannequin’s approximate location.

Their aim is to wipe out the perceived threat before they become their next victims."

Mannequin: Rules & gameplay

You play either on the side of the humans (Agents) or the aliens (Mannequins). Both factions have certain abilities that make them fundamentally different from each other. Each game consists of a maximum of five rounds, in which each team tries to eliminate the other team. The first team to win three rounds wins the game.


Up to three players can play as Mannequins. Your goal is to eliminate all agents by touching them with your hand and freezing them.

As Mannequins, you can hide from agents by transforming into frozen humans. To do this, strike any pose and press the A button on your VR controller. You will still be able to look around, but you will not be able to move your avatar.

If you are frozen, hold the right trigger to perform a dash attack. Aim at a passing agent, release the button, and quickly jump forward to hit the passerby. If you are shot, your teammates will have a very short window of time to revive you.


  • Change form: A button
  • Dash attack: Hold down the right trigger to aim, release the right trigger to dash.


Agents can only be taken over by up to two players at a time. You must locate and eliminate the hidden Mannequins.


As an Agent, you have a weapon in your hand that switches between a scanner and a gun. Use the A Button to switch between the two modes. The scanner scans the environment and shows you the approximate position of a Mannequin by changing the display on the device between blue, yellow, and red. The closer the enemy, the louder the sound.

To unmask a Mannequin, use the scanner's right trigger to trigger a Gauss detector. This will scan a small area, highlighting all the Mannequins. However, you only have one Gauss detector per round.

You will need the pistol to eliminate the Mannequins. Use the right trigger to shoot. If you accidentally hit a human, the gun will be blocked for a limited time.

Agents have six rounds of ammo. To recharge, find an active energy extractor and insert the weapon into it. If an Agent is frozen, other players have a limited amount of time to revive them.


  • Switch between scanner and gun: A button
  • Fire Gauss detector: Right trigger if EMF scanner is equipped
  • Fire EMP gun: Right trigger if EMP gun is equipped

Map and environment: Important elements in Mannequin

There are three energy extractors on each map that provide advantages to both factions. Mannequins must empty them by holding their hands near the extraction crystals and waiting for the gauge at the top to run out. An indicator on the side of an Agent's weapon will also indicate that an extractor is being emptied.

When a single power extractor is depleted, the Mannequins will speed up. When two energy extractors are depleted, they each receive a shield that deflects one shot.

If the Mannequins do not deplete two extractors within three minutes, the Agents will gain an advantage: they will be able to see the puppets through walls. Energy extractors also serve as reloading stations for the Agents' weapons.

There are also elevators and doors on every map in Mannequin. You can operate them by simply placing your hand on the green terminal. Doors will stay open as long as you do not close them. So be careful not to give away your location.