Lyra: Slim Smart Glasses Aim to Combine Augmented Reality and AI

Lyra: Slim Smart Glasses Aim to Combine Augmented Reality and AI

A Swiss startup is launching Lyra, a new AR headset that offers navigation and translation, among other features.

Swiss startup Ostloong Innovations has unveiled a new AR headset called LYRA. After its Sirius AR ski goggles, this is the company's second product. Lyra is said to be equipped with artificial intelligence in addition to AR capabilities. There has been no word on the technology behind the headset or exactly how it will work.

This is what the LYRA AR headset is designed to do

The AR headset is designed to display digital information directly in the user's field of view. For example, AR overlays can be used to navigate through a city without having to look at a smartphone display. However, the route first has to be "uploaded" via a smartphone app. This happens by scanning a QR code.

The headset is controlled using a touchpad on the side of the device. The AR glasses are said to offer several features, including

  • A multilingual live translator for speech-to-text and text-to-text,
  • A digital note-taking assistant that can record and translate in real time,
  • Integrated GPS for route planning and navigation,
  • integrated mobile data for phone and text communication, and
  • a music player.

It's more smart glasses and less AR

A video apparently exclusive to Auganix magazine shows content indicating a proprietary OS. The question is whether the system will be able to pair with smartphones and possibly use third-party apps. There is also no word yet on how long the battery life will be.


The video mainly shows fixed UI elements that are not aligned to real objects and the user's head movements. In this way, LYRA seems to be first and foremost a pair of smart glasses.

On the other hand, they are supposed to be slim and light enough to be worn all day. The picture above show rather slim glasses, but with quite wide temples. The question here will be how comfortable it is to wear it all day long. It is also unknown if and how the glasses allows for corrective lenses.

The pre-sale of the LYRA Smart Glasses is scheduled to start in September 2023.

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