Augmented reality ski goggles set up virtual slalom poles

Augmented reality ski goggles set up virtual slalom poles

Tired of skiing on the slopes? With these AR ski goggles, you can spice things up with virtual slalom poles.

Swiss start-up Ostloong has integrated an augmented reality display into a pair of ski goggles. The idea is to give winter sports enthusiasts important information to help them glide down the slopes more safely.

Ski goggles with AR display help you navigate

AR headsets such as the Nreal Light are becoming increasingly compact. In the long run, they should be indistinguishable from sunglasses. A Swiss AR start-up is taking a slightly different approach by building an AR display into a pair of ski goggles.

The Sirius AR goggles are designed to display different digital objects at various distances in the wearer's field of vision. Skiers and snowboarders will also be able to access useful information such as weather and altitude, read their own speed, and use a digital compass to find their way around.

The AR headset will also be able to display elements such as directional arrows or virtual slalom poles on the slopes. A built-in GPS sensor is responsible for navigation. The AR goggles also process data from mobile phones.


Live streaming between the AR ski goggles is possible

A built-in HD camera allows you to take photos or record video. It should also be suitable for live streams that you can share between several Sirius AR goggles.

If you are skiing in a group, you should be able to communicate with each other via the AR goggles and quickly identify your friends during the ride via a digital name display. Watch the video below to see what this looks like.

Sirius AR goggles require a connection to your smartphone. This should also allow you to make phone calls via the headset, provided you have a decent network in the mountains. According to the manufacturer, the Sirius will be available for pre-order in various versions from February. Prices are not yet known.

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