One of the best VR city builders is coming to Playstation VR 2

One of the best VR city builders is coming to Playstation VR 2

The cozy VR city builder Little Cities makes the jump from Meta Quest to Playstation VR 2 in March.


British studio Purple Yonder announced a PSVR 2 version of the VR city builder called Little Cities: Bigger!

It includes all content updates and DLC that was released for the Quest version in the 18 months since launch:

  • Attractions Update
  • Little Citizens Update
  • Sandbox Update
  • Snowy Islands DLC

The game will also receive a number of PSVR 2 specific features: a higher frame rate, 4K resolution, haptic feedback and eye tracking support.

Little Cities: Bigger! will be released for Playstation VR 2 on March 12th.


A stress-free city-building game built from the ground up for VR

Little Cities was released for Meta Quest in May 2022 and quickly became the most successful game of its genre on the platform.

In his Little Cities review, Ben praised the game's interface and VR design.


"Little Cities does away with micromanagement, making it a simple building game in VR, but it achieves a cool flow thanks to this simplicity. The islands fill up quickly, so I'm constantly busy. When I take a break, I can enjoy the beautiful scenery," wrote Ben.

Purple Yonder has continued to further develop the game since its release: The Attractions Update added special buildings and facilities, the Little Citizens Update added citizens scurrying around the city going about their daily business, and the Sandbox Update added a landscape editor that lets you create custom islands. Finally, the Snowy Islands DLC introduced two new snow-covered islands.

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