LG to supply micro OLED displays for second (!) Apple headset

LG to supply micro OLED displays for second (!) Apple headset

The first generation of the Apple headset is not even on the market yet, but there are already rumors about the second one. As is so often the case, they come from the supply chain.

This makes sense at least insofar as Apple already has to plan the production of hardware that is to be launched in two years. And when a tech giant like Apple goes to market with huge quantities, some people get wind of it.

It also appears from past six years of glasses rumors that Apple is working on two devices anyway: a VR headset with AR mode (N301) slated for release in 2023, and a slim, everyday AR or display pair of glasses (N421) for the iPhone.

However, it is not clear from the current rumors whether Apple's second headset will be N301-2 or N421. In any case, the two models will probably complement each other rather than displace each other.

LG to supply screens for Apple's second headset

According to The Elec, LG Display is ordering a coater from OLED display equipment manufacturer Sunic Systems to produce micro OLED panels. These panels are said to be for a new Apple headset.

The main display for Apple's first headset is to come from Sony. LG is only supposed to contribute an AMOLED screen for the peripheral field of view.

This in turn suggests that Apple has developed a dual-display design for its first headset: high resolution in the focus area (two Sony displays) and lower resolution in the peripheral field of view (LG display), where the human eye sees fewer details anyway.


There were already corresponding rumors at the beginning of January. The complex double display construction is said to have a good part in the presumably high price of the Apple headset.

LG competes with Sony

LG is reportedly planning to become the main display supplier for Apple's second tech headset. This in turn, according to The Elec's sources, is said to be in Apple's interest since Sony is pursuing its own VR strategy with Playstation VR 2 and could at least indirectly compete with Apple.

It is not clear from the report whether LG has received a hint or even an order from Apple, or is investing with foresight in hopes of winning the bid. Apple has not even confirmed work on the first-generation headset.

Meta is also working on a number of AR and VR headsets for the next few years, some of which are confirmed and some of which are just rumors. The company could launch up to seven tech headsets by 2024 alone, including several Quest models.

Sources: The Elec